Everything you need to know about yearly touch-ups for Microblading

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Just like your client would dye her hair, they also need to maintain their microblading ombre brows. Once the brows start to fade, your client wants to wait until they’re around 60% to 80% faded before they come back to get their colour boost. The colour boost appointment is to tone the pigment and keep the hair strokes ombre looking fresh. Over time, lifestyle, sun exposure, skin conditions, skin products will fade the pigment depending on how much they’re exposed to. So once the brows have faded by 60%, that’s when you want to be booking in your client for a touch-up.

During the touch-up treatment, you’re going to assist the shape, the colour, and make any changes that you need to bring your client’s brows back to life. One thing to note for your advanced techniques as well as colour correcting. So depending on the type of pigment that you’ve used, an iron oxide may go a semi-pinkish tone or an organic pigment may go a cool tone. So going back to your colour theory 101, you want to be correcting these colours to bring them back to the right shade of brown.

This blog is all about microblading, so I’m going to focus on how to do a microblading yearly touch-up. This is usually booked between 12 months to three years after your client’s initial session. Once you’ve reassessed the colour and you’ve decided what colour that you’re going to do, you want to add any correcting colours to tone the pigment.

You’re going to map your client’s brows as you normally would and make any changes to the shape as you see fit. When you’re doing your touch-ups, you want to go over your existing hair strokes as best you can. If you don’t and you add a new layer of his strokes, this will eventually cause the brows to ‘powder out’.

One of the things to note is sometimes clients come back much too soon for a yearly touch-up, and this will cause their brows to powder out a lot quicker, meaning that they won’t be able to have microblading anymore. So you want to be very strict on how you book in your touch-ups and making sure you request photos from your clients before booking them in to ensure that they’ve faded enough.

By taking your time during the treatment and make sure you got over the hair strokes as best you can, this will keep your microblading strokes looking vibrant. You will basically follow the same steps as you would for a second touch-up appointment after the initial appointment, and this will just help to bring the client’s brows back to life.

The process for your yearly touch ups is –

Step One: asses clients shape,

Step two: make any changes with your brow mapping,

Step three: Mix up colour + add in any correcting colours needed to tone your, pigment

Step four: go over your clients brows and take your time to go over existing hair strokes.

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