Microblading Vs Ombre: which is better for your client?

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When it comes to microblading and ombre, there are certain questions that we get from both stylists and the clients. Some of the most common questions revolve around microblading and ombre. Specifically, clients want to know when should they use microblading and when should they switch to ombre? What’s the difference between microblading and ombre anyway, and is one technique better than the other. Because these questions are so common, we wanted to address them head on so we can give you all of the facts. So you can have more confident conversations between yourself and your client.

Before we dive in, let’s talk about the difference between each technique and get the terminology straight.


Microblading is the technique where fine hair strokes added to the brows with pigment with a microblade. This is a manual hand tool, and each stroke is carefully created individually. This technique is used to give the appearance of actual brow hair. (pictured above)

Ombre Brows

Ombre brows are similar to microblading and the formers. It’s still a method of cosmetic tattooing. However, the technique is applied very differently. Ombre is done with one needle and a digital machine, and basically, the pigment is dusted through the brow to give a pixelated look. Because the technique is done with the machine, it allows the pigment to penetrate in layers so you can build it up slowly. It also gives the effect of a pencilled-in brow, which is a lot longer lasting than the microblading.

When to use which technique?

Ultimately, whether you should use microblading or ombre, ultimately depends on a number of factors. The most important of these factors are what is your client going for? What kind of look are they wanting and what is their skin type that you’re working with? Generally speaking, the best time to use microblading is for a client that just wants a little bit of a fuller brow. It’s suitable for someone that wants a natural look and doesn’t want too much of a dramatic change in their brows. It’s also suitable for clients wanting to ease into the new look. Microblading is popular because of its natural ability to look like hair, making it perfect for those who just want to ease into the look and don’t want it too intense.

When to use ombre?

Clients who want a fuller brow. If your client has a lot of sparse gaps or they’re pencilling in their browse a lot during the day, they’re better off opting for Ombre. Clients that want low maintenance. Because Ombre brows can look more dramatic, the colour can look a lot brighter. So the colour has more longevity. This is suitable for someone who wanted less maintenance and only wanted to come back every one to three years.

Tailoring your technique for your client’s needs. As for brows stylists, we should always choose a technique that’s going to best suit our client. Whether that involves microblading, ombre or a combination of both will ultimately depend on the canvas that you’re working for. Just because you might do microblading on one client, it doesn’t mean it’s suitable for all of your clients or just because you might, your client might ask ombre, it doesn’t mean that there is a technique that you should perform.

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