Set, Manage and Exceed your clients expectations with these tips!

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Want to know my tips on how to grow your client base without spending a cent? and better yet - these are things you can start implementing today!

Here are the tips I use to this day to run my business and go above and beyond for our clients. Why do I do this? because it ensures the client leaves the salon 100% happy. Happy clients lead to referrals of more clients and even better a raving fan.


Setting client expectations –

Understanding how to set and manage realistic client expectations is an essential skill for all service providers to develop and master, regardless of which service is being performed. It’s especially important in the beauty industry because a lot of clients may not know what will suit them, that’s where your expertise and creativity come in. You want to guide them and help educate them, sometimes what they may see in a photo on someone else, may not particularly suit them, this is where your professionalism comes in to help guide the client to look their best… (that’s what we all want, right?)

If expectations aren’t managed effectively, then there is always the chance of a client being disappointed in the end results of a treatment, which isn’t good for anybody involved.

That’s why I recommend that the service provider, starts every service off with a consultation, which gives the stylist the opportunity to ask questions, set expectations, and educate the client about what is reasonable and what isn’t.

Now creating brows are my jam! so i’m going to use this service to help walk you through each step – but if you do hair, facials, nails or any other kind of service – this would work for you too!


In order to effectively manage your client’s expectations so that you perform a brow service that everyone is happy with, both you and your client need to be on the same page for a number of factors.

First and foremost, you need to understand the current condition of the brows you are working with and how it will impact the success of the treatment; second, you must understand the desired outcome so that you can craft a plan to get there; and third, you must understand the client’s timeline and how much they are willing to invest to get the look.

1. Your client's current brow condition

The current condition of your client’s brows can and likely will have a major impact on your ability to deliver upon your client’s expectations. For example, whether the brows have been over-plucked and are no longer growing back, causing damaged follicles, or if they have healthy brows may impact the treatment or products that you choose to use.

It’s also critical that you explain to your client how the treatment may affect their hair once complete. For example, grey brow hairs may not colour – which comes as a surprise to some clients.


If you don’t know where you’re going, it’s going to be really difficult to get there. Understanding the end result that your client is hoping to get out of her brow tinting treatment is an essential piece of providing a successful service.

Generally speaking, tinting or henna on the eyebrows can get your client a significantly darker brow. Knowing where your client wants to go with their brows will allow you to better explain to them what is realistic and whether or not you would try and guide them out of the request they are wanting as you know it wouldn’t suit their face.


Does your guest have a particular timeline in mind for when they need to get to their goal?

For example, are they getting ready for a wedding, holiday, or some other major life event? This will help you guide them on what service or technique to offer them – if they had compromised brows from over plucking, and they want them perfect by their holiday in two weeks, the brows just simply don’t grow back that fast.

It’s also important to note that it can take multiple services to achieve the desired look as it can take 3-6months for over plucked hairs to grow back.

Similarly, you will need to understand how much money they are willing to invest in order to get their desired look. If their budget doesn’t match what you know it will take, you must educate them on this fact as soon as possible so that they can either adjust their budget or adjust their goals.


Ultimately, setting realistic expectations is all about working together with your client to understand each other’s goals and formulate a plan to get there.

Have you been following the steps above and still falling short in managing client expectations? Consider leveraging photos during your consultation to make sure that you and your guests are all on the same page before the treatment begins. Words can mean different things to different people; letting your client choose a photo of where they want their hair to be can be incredibly helpful in ensuring that you’re all on the same page.

And, of course, practice makes perfect.

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