How to map the brows for Microblading

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When it comes to brow mapping for cosmetic tattooing or otherwise known as Eyebrow Microblading, you want to look at a few key things before you begin the eyebrow mapping process. The shaping of the brows is one of the most important elements of Microblading, as it sets you up for your process.

Sometimes though, like with any beauty treatment, you may find that it just isn’t working as it should. You may be following all of the steps and then you sit your client up, and the eyebrows are not even, or you just can’t get the shape right to suit your client's face.

So to help you understand and also help you explain to your client, we want to run through a few of the reasons why the brows aren’t working out.

It’s all in the prep 

I always say this, but it’s true, like any good painter, it’s all in the prep! You should get your client to wax her brows 7 days before the treatment, or if you can offer this service even better. This gets rid of any stray hairs and also begins the shaping process. So when your client comes in on the day they have their brows tidied so you don’t have to spend time removing hairs, you can get straight into the microblading mapping. 

Measure before you start drawing

Sometimes we want to dive right into the mapping process, but if you stop and measure the brows first – you will be able to pre-plan for the treatment and what corrections need to be made. Measure twice, cut once, goes the saying. 

Brow condition

Just like the saying “no two sets of eyebrows are the same”, this is why a good set of brows are important. If the client is missing certain sections of the brows, or their hair grows differently, work this into your mapping plan. the same either. The brows must be properly examined before you start.

Assess their skin type, hair type, and brow goals, so you can work this into your plan.  

Mapping points 

Use the eyes, nose, and brow bone to create your shape. I always start with the key points first, then I build off that. Take your time and measure these out carefully. Check that they are even before you begin your shaping process.

Using the string method

The string method is a great way to ensure your measurements are accurate. Use your string along the top of the brow to create those clean lines for your shaping. You can also use the string to ensure the heights of the eyebrows are correct.

How to shape and map eyebrows for Microblading

Smudging your pencil

This is one of the most common but underrated issues with failed brow mapping. You need to make sure your pencil is as sharp as possible, and that you are keeping your outlines thin. 

Sharpen your pencil throughout the treatment so you don’t smudge the shape, working as lightly as possible. Clean crisp lines will help you ensure the brows are even so that when you get to your microblading, you can see clearly. 

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