Which lighting is the best for your brow room?

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Now let me just start by saying, Llghting was such a pain to navigate at the start, but it's so important for building yoru portfolio...

We have been testing all of the options so you can take make yoru content POP

After your Microblading training, or Eyebrow shaping training, you want to set yourself up for success. Over the years, I’ve realised just how important the set up of your space is and making sure you have the right accessories to create great eyebrows!

Let’s talk about lighting, one of the most important things about our careers because A, it helps us see, and B it helps us snap incredible before and  after shots. Both equally important parts of our job.

Up until recently, if you wanted the best lighting system, there was only one place to go… Glamcor. However, times are changing and there’s a (relatively) new kid on the block. The Pro Ring Light. So we want to put both to the test and try to figure out which one, in our opinion, is best. We are going to break down different sections to get a clear and honest comparison that we hope will help to make a decision easier.

Glamcor light


I put the two main lighting options to the test, and have broken down the pros and cons for each. 

I’m going to break down functionality, price, light options, portability, and then an overall comparison, to help you decide which you want to buy. 


Firstly, let’s start with Glamcor – the original lighting option. Now this one is an ahem, investment to say the least, you’re looking around $450 a pop. Compared to the light ring, which is on average around $100.

Winner: Light ring


LED Light ring



For a month straight, I switched between the glamcor and the light ring, and there’s a real standout here. 

The LED light is extremely top heavy, depending on the brand you buy (I just picked up mine from Ebay and it was around $150),

One little move can send the entire light ring flying. It’s fallen over many times with me trying to shuffle its position, and to be honest, I don’t 100% trust its stability. 

The Glamcor – the base and arms of the Glamcor are extremely well designed. It’s never toppled over on me, you can move the arms of the lights around, without unsettling the base, and I know I can trust this thing and not have it topples over on me

Winner: Glamcor

Light quality 

Now this one was probably one of the most tricky to judge, both lights have the same wattage output 5600k. But they do work in slightly different ways. The light ring feels much brighter because of how the light is dispensed (in the circle LED) however the glamcor you can move so much more freely and get rid of shadows as you can adjust the arms.

The both private excellent visibility when working on clients and for after photos, 

Winner: draw 


let’s start with the LED ring- the only movement options for this are really up and down, so you can adjust to the right height to work underneath.

The controls are very basic – there’s a dimmer for the amount of light, and also a cool to warm option. The light is very bright as covered above, so all in all it serves its purpose well.

The glamcor – the glamcor moves both up and down, and also has flex arms. So you can control the light position a lot more. It has dimmer buttons and brightening buttons on the side, as well as a handy remote. The newer versions are also touch pads making it easier to adjust.

The winner: Glamcor


Both the LED and the Glamcor pack up relatively small, into a carry case that they come with. 

However the light ring is significantly heavier and bigger than the glamcor. The Glamcor case feels so much more sturdy as there’s extra padding and compartments protect the device. After packing up the LED light ring, I personally would only travel with this in my car, not on a flight.

The winner; Glamcor 

There’s a clear winner from the testing, and again it totally depends on what exactly you are using it for. Both are great options, however the Glamcor overall has a better system and diversity. 

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