Are your eyebrows feeling sparse? Here are 5 tips to boost your brow growth

Posted by Racheal Keeley on

If your once-full eyebrows are feeling on the thinner side, and you're wondering where your full, lush eyebrows are disappearing, you’re not alone!

Brow hair loss can be caused by multiple reasons, such as medical conditions, stress, and changes in hormones, so we’re here to help you boost your brow growth with our 5 top tips!

Tip one: 

Establish the root cause: by knowing exactly what is causing your brow hair loss, you will be much more successful in finding the solution, Here are some common reasons that cause brow hair loss: 

  • Pregnancy + post-natal hair loss 
  • Stress
  • Changes in medications 
  • Thyroid condition 
  • Changes in medication 
  • Hormone changes/menopause 
  • Ageing
  • Nutrient deficiencies 

Once you have your cause, let's look at the solutions! Not all brow regrowth can be saved, but we have found incredible results by helping women achieve fuller brows.

Tip two: 

Adding vital ingredients such as collagen into your diet is a great place to start, The beauty of the skin, hair and eyebrows also goes through a healthy body. So, taking collagen in food supplements is a good idea. The two top ingredients are collagen and biotin, The body receives the nutrients needed to activate and boost the keratin production process.

This way, you are helping boost the growth from the inside out.

We recommend these ingredients for all of the root causes listed above.  

Tip three:

Using brow growth products, biotin and castor oil are incredible topical ingredients clinically proven to boost the hair follicle and increase brow growth! 

Biotin also helps to metabolise amino acids. These are important for all parts of the body, but especially when it comes to hair. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and hair is made out of protein. Specifically, keratin.

Castor oil has been known to help boost brow growth and can be applied daily. The best time to treat your eyebrows is before you go to bed. To treat your eyebrows with castor oil:

  • make sure your brows are clean and completely free of makeup
  • pick up a small amount of castor oil by dipping a cotton swab gently into the oil
  • delicately run the cotton swab along the top of your brows, massage in for a few minutes, taking great care to allow any of the oil into your eye (oil that gets in your eye could be extremely irritating and should be washed out immediately with water)

Tip four:

Hair loss has been linked to nutrient deficiencies such as low-iron, zinc, fatty acids, selenium, vitamin D and so on, which can be causing your thinning hair. A medical exam is recommended to uncover the deficiency so you can take the proper steps to boost your brow growth!

Hair skin and nail supplements will typically have a complex of the above ingredients to help comb thinning hair, which is a great way to boost your growth from the inside out!

Tip five:

See a professional eyebrow stylist for a brow makeover. You will be amazed at what a qualified eyebrow specialist can do, as there are so many treatment options on the market, even the process of tinting your eyebrows will help darken hairs you didn't even know you had! They will also show you what the best shape is for your face, help with the right colours to use, and recommend products to help boost your brow growth. Say hello to fabulous eyebrows!


Finally, if you have noticed that it’s been over 12 months and you have tried the above remedies, chances are the hair follicle has died and may not grow back in. Rest assured, there are amazing solutions, such as cosmetic tattooing, which will give you a fabulous shape and colour that will look great for years to come. Many women are opting for semi-permanent solutions to help define their brows and for great reasons!

 Examples of cosmetic tattooed brows from Your Eyes Only Brow Studio, Perth