Learn three techniques and become a stand-out brow artist!

Level up your brow techniques and spend two days learning all things brows! Whether you are a beauty therapist wanting to return to the industry, or a beginner wanting to start a new career, this program will teach you the latest techniques to become a brow specialist.

This is our ultimate brow masterclass that will equip you with everything you need.


What you will learn in our beginner classes:

Day one will include:

  • In-depth and interactive, training and dynamic workshop, where you will learn the most up-to-date brow techniques so you can specialise in one of the most in demand services in the beauty industry.
  • Learn Brow mapping, tinting and henna and implement into your own salon or¬†up-skill to enter the brow industry.
  • Achieving the right shape to suit your clients face
  • Creating the¬†perfect tinting & henna results
  • How to price your services correctly
  • Brow model - we will assist you with your models (you will need one model for each day of the training) to ensure your techniques are correct so you leave with confidence.
  • Q + A Time

Day two will include:

  • How to perform brow lamination
  • Understanding your worth and pricing accordingly
  • Capturing the perfect social media content
  • Business and building your clientele
  • Lunch and Goodie Bag
  • Work on a live model
  • Q + A Time

This course is for beginner artists entering the industry as well as current brow artist who want to advance their skillset.

Our training programs walk you through each step in detail so you have guidance every step of the way!

For the two days the course tuition is $1400.

Day one: Brow mapping, waxing, tinting, shaping.

Day two: Brow lamination.

You can send us an email and we will send you your enrolment
form. Once we receive your deposit we will get you enrolled. Two weeks before your course date, your final payment will be due.

The most comprehensive, educational two days to kick start your career!

Brow mapping

Our waxing and tinting course covers brow mapping and how to uncover the right shape to suit each brow type. Learn our signature mapping method.

Tinting application

Tinting options vary Brow Dye and Tint, we cover information about all methods which you will be able to apply to clients brows to create the most natural looking eyebrows.

before and after photos

Learn how to capture great before and after photos and build your portfolio to grow a cliemtele or get hired in a brow salon!

Join us and become a professionally accredited Brow Artist!

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