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Awesome. Becoming a Brow Stylist is an incredible career for those who love to make others feel great! It can be very scary knowing where to start, where to train and also what you need to get set up. We have created this course for beginners who want to become a stand out brow artist and build a thriving clientele or get hired by a salon where you can put your talent to work.


Hi, I'm Racheal Hawkins!

As the passionate owner of your Eyes Only Brow Studio and Her Arch Academy, I am obsessed with all things brows and education. I have made it my mission to help you become a stand out brow artist and set up your career right from the start so you can avoid making mistakes along the way.

With over 12 years experience in the brow and beauty industry, I want to bring you the best of the best with everything I have learn, to help you achieve your full capability as a brow stylist and a business owner.

I have trained artists just like you who have a dream of becoming a brow stylist, all over Australia and New Zealand. Now, it's your turn to bring your dreams to life.

What You'll Learn

By the completion of this course, you'll have learnt the expert brow shaping and tinting techniques that Racheal has perfected. In addition, you will also learn the essential theory and business strategies needed to become not just a highly skilled Brow Stylist, but also one who is knowledgeable and confident in their craft no matter what comes your way!

You’re in the right place if

‚óŹ You‚Äôre ready to jump into a new career
‚óŹ you have been providing microblading for quite some years but still find you healed results inconsistent.
‚óŹ Brow mapping is overwhelming you
‚óŹ Struggling with very patchy strokes are barely visible.
‚óŹ You have been wanting to upgrade my skills for a while and now is the time



Launch your skills by
CONFIDENCE and the right
techniques for you to work
on any brow that comes your


Learning new skills can be
overwhelming, our programs
are broken down into
step-by-step formulas
alongside mentoring from
our trainers so that you can
apply to your future clients
and never worry about doing
it wrong!


Premium products that are
results-driven, achieve the
most natural brow results
that will WOW your clients

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Hier Arch Student success story

Rachel Hedrick


At the age of 23, I invested all my savings into a $4000 Microblading course, little did I know, that would set me on a trajectory to opening the dream salon that I’m running today. What started off as a creative
outlet has led me to the career of my dreams.

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