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Are you ready to take your career in the beauty industry to the next level? Look no further than a cosmetic tattooing course in Perth. Whether you’re a beauty therapist, an experienced brow artist, or you’re looking for a career change, we have the most comprehensive training that will get you started. From mastering the skill of brow shaping and microblading to creating stunning eyebrow enhancements, this course covers it all. By enrolling in a microblading course in Perth, you will gain the knowledge and hands-on practice necessary to become a skilled and confident cosmetic tattoo artist. With this specialized training, you can unlock a world of opportunities in the ever-growing field of permanent makeup. Whether you dream of opening your own cosmetic tattoo studio or working alongside top professionals, this course will equip you with the steps you need to get started.

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About the Course

Microblading certification program

Learn the Microblading Technique.

Microblading is a semi-permanent form of cosmetic tattooing where hair-like strokes are added to the brows to help give clients who have lost their brow hair back their shape. Microblading is a very natural-looking service and is in high demand due to the longevity it gives over tinting and brow pencil. The main benefits are that you can create beautiful hair strokes that mimic the appearance of natural eyebrow hairs, the results are almost undetectable that it is an actual tattoo. 

During this brow microblading course in Perth, you will be guided through in-depth curriculum where you will learn to draw in the shape of the brow, pigment and colour theory and learn all about mixing colours and achieving a natural result for your clients. 

‚ÄčOur program walks you through each key stage of cosmetic tattooing step-by-step, so you can learn each step in detail. You will also recieve guidance and feedback to ensure you are on the right track as you learn.

What you will learn in our beginner cosmetic tattoo course:

Sometimes, we all need a little extra guidance, hands-on training, and business education. Throughout our two-day intensive course, you'll master:

  • How to brow map and create the right shape
  • Ultra-natural-looking microblading technique
  • Fluffy brow microblading technique
  • Pigments and colour theory so you confidently select the right colour for your clients.
  • Client comfort:¬†Learn how to correctly cosmetic tattoo so that your clients aren't in pain
  • Business marketing and building a clientele
  • Social media
  • Maintenance Techniques: Keep your clients coming back for more
  • Photography for you to use on your social media platforms after the day


brow mapping

Master the Hier Arch mapping method that will show you how to uncover the right shape for each persons face.

Comprehensive theory

Theory principles so you have an in-depth understanding of brows and skin. This will set you apart as an expert as it will lay the foundations of your skillset.

Microblading technique

Learn our signature Microblading technqiues and apply the most natural looking hair strokes to your clients brows.

what the course includes -

  • Online access to our training portal.
  • Full Microblading kit with everything you need to get started after your Training, valued at $950
  • Comprehensive theory Manual
  • Support from our trainers as you build your confidence after your in-person course
  • Business and marketing training
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Rachel - The natural studio

I recently completed my Microblading Beginners Course with Racheal. I looked into many different places to attend training finally finding Racheal, her flawless work and endless knowledge was when i knew this was the right place. So much so i flew from Mudgee NSW to attend training.
In her classes she was attentive, approachable and full of knowledge and i have come away with so much. Racheal is such an inspiration as a business owner as well, i learnt a lot from my time with her.
One of the photos i have included is my first Microblading on a client, guided by Racheal - amazing!
Thank you Racheal i cant wait to come back for the Advanced Microblading Training in the future.
Rachel x

Nicole - Glamour Lashes and brows

I completed the Beginners Microblading course with Hier Arch last year and I’m so thankful I did.

Before signing up to the course I did plenty of research of various Microblading courses across Australia. I loved Hier Arch so much I flew from Bathurst, NSW to Perth to attend. Her feather stroke is so natural and precise, it’s exactly the type of Microblading I wanted to produce in my shop.

Rach’s academy is amazing but so is she. Her attention to detail is spot on, she’s so helpful and knows absolutely everything about Microblading that you need to know. She’s also a genuinely beautiful human being.

I’m so happy I attended and I plan to attend other Hier Arch courses in the future

other details about the course

once you have completed your theory and in-person elements of training, you will be able to start working on clients on your own. This is where you will put your new skills into practice! 

We will give you a detailed plan on what to work on based on your trainers assessment in the program, so you know the exact steps to take to build your confidence.

Our training programs walk you through each step in detail so you have guidance every step of the way!

You can send us an email and we will send you your enrolment
form. Once we receive your deposit we will get you enrolled. Two weeks before your course date, your final payment will be due.

Our programs work in a two step process - 

The certificate you receive upon successfully completing the in-person elects of the course will allow you to source the appropriate insurances needed and start working as a cosmetic tattoo artist.

Part two: You will the submit case studies via our online portal to receive your official Hier Arch certificate. You will have 6 months to complete this.

We have extensive support options for during and after your training to ensure you are able to ask questions throughout your career.

It can be incredibly daunting embarking on a new skillset, our experienced and supportive trainers are just a message away and can help you with anything you need! no question is silly - we love to help you.

Whilst this course is ideal for someone already in the beauty industry, you can start as a complete beginner. We also recommend this course if you are a new microblading artist not feeling confident with your techniques.

The online theory components will help you master all of the foundation knowledge you need no matter what stage of experience you are at, including brow mapping, pigment selection, Microblading techniques such as fluffy brows and defined brows, achieving great healed results.

We have students come through that are changing industries all the way to advanced and the feedback we always get is how much they learn (even from the advanced artists).

This depends on the course, however, for beginner trainings. We typically cap our students at 4, unless we have more trainers and then run two groups, so you get plenty of 1:1 support and guidance in the training.

Our  students also gain amazing supportive group of friends during their training so you can connect  with like-minded people in the industry.