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Learning microblading can feel overwhelming

You might be feeling self-doubt, confused, or stuck on how to get consistent results with all the conflicting advice out there...

There's so much pressure when it comes to cosmetic tattooing because you want to get it right

The reality is it can be a struggle at times to put yourself out there and and ask for help...

Some days, you feel like you want to give up...

We've been there...

We're Ashlee and Racheal, the founders behind Hier Arch.

We fell in love with creating brows and making others feel good, and started with brow waxing and tinting. However, there were so many clients who were victims of the 90's over-plucking trend that didnt have the brows to work with, we needed another way to revive brows.

That's when we discovered Microblading and just how natiral comstic tattooing could look.

After trialling so many techniques, many of which powdered out during the healing or faded less than desirable colours over time, we set to create our own techniques that look natural when healed and for years to come - the main reason why woman were opting for microblading in the first place.

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Nicole Hood

Glamour Lashes & Brows

"without the help of Hier Arch, I would have given up on Microblading, the training and support inside the programamazing.; has been amazing"

Rachel Mears

The Natural Studio

"I'm currently doing 6 microblading clients per week and my healed results have been amazing!" I love how everything inside the training is so well organised and nothing feels left out, I also like how I can submit my work for feedback, This has been the best program I have ever joined! I can't thank you enough!

Emily M

The Brow Suite

If you are a beginner artist and feel stuck, TAKE THIS COURSE! I felt so overwhelmed after my beginner course and bet myself up for not 'getting it'. I was ready to throw in the towel! I had seen the Hier Arch work from Instagram and wanted to give this technique a go. The way that everything is broken down makes it easy to learn in bite sized pieces. My clients rave about my work and it's all thanks to the girls


Microblading Confidence

Microblading foundations that will give you the confidence to work on any brows that come your way and give your clients a standout experience + the most natural-looking results.

Practical lessons with guidance

(and our eyes on your work every step of the way): the program is broken down into practical lessons of each step broken down into bite-sized pieces. Each with a task to complete to ensure you're on the right track .

Build your portfolio and bookings

Fill your portfolio with incredible microblading transformations that grow your bookings and your business!

How To Get Started

1 - Enrol in Online Microblading School

2 - Watch the first module and implement the Microblading Mastery method

3 - Submit your work for feedback in your private link - we support you every step of the way



This training is completely virtual, so you can access it anywhere in the world.

You will receive 6 months of online access, each module is drip-released over 12 weeks, teaching you the Hier Arch microblading techniques but also how to be confident with your knowledge so you can tackle any brow that comes your way!

The time you can commit each week to the program is entirely up to you; the faster you want to see results and a long-term change in your business.

We recommend allocating 1 hour per week to start to get the best results; however, we understand that running a business comes with many time commitments. That's why we have made the program a 6-month container. That way, you can adjust your study based on your individual needs and schedule.

We don't recommend skipping in-person beginner training. Hands-on practice under the guidance of a trainer is the safest way to start your career. Please contact us for in-person options.

That's great! OMS is designed to facilitate you on your journey from beginner to pro artist in the most efficient way possible. You don't need more clients under your belt to become an expert; you need the right tools, techniques, and guidance so you can start offering the most natural, in-demand results to your clients. 

The program is highly detailed with step-by-step guidance, rather than the 'winging-it' approach of doing it on your own, we want to equip you with everything you need in advance.

The Hier Arch technique is truly like no other, the program is designed to give you step-by-step actionable tools to take you from beginner to expert artist, without relying on 'creativity'. Each step is broken down into bite-sized pieces, so you can implement it at your own pace.

Don't spend another dollar on courses that leave you feeling stuck.

Hier Arch Pro is SPECIFICALLY for people like you, who don't have the creative flair but who DO want to offer their clients the most natural-looking techniques.

One thing I know for sure? You CAN do this. we did, and we are no different to you.

The only thing holding you back from the business you dream of is you. You are entirely up to you! All it takes is a little dedication and you WILL get there.

This training is ideal for current microblading artists who want more support and help to grow their technique. If you have done one or a few courses and you’re not getting the results you’re happy with, then this program is perfect for you.

We have students all across the world who have successfully installed the Hier Arch techniques into their businesses.