4 common mistakes people make when becoming a microblading artist (and how to avoid them)

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Becoming a microblading artist is an exciting time, there is  to learn and navigate, we've rounded up the most common mistakes artists make, so you can avoid making them.


Mistake number one - 

Jumping at the first training they find, without doing research. This is increibly risky at is your first training is the one that's the most important,. You will have a lot to learn. so finding a training program that will assist you through your beginner journey is KEY to having a great career from the get-go.


Mistake number two -

Jumping straight into microblading from a career change. Whilst this definitely isn't impossible (we've trained artists who have successfully done this) however it's the hardest way to approach a career in microblading. 

Learning how to shape the brows is the best place to start, because any mistake you make will grow back in. This approach will also help you be confident around clients brows, before the uptake of learning permanent brow techniques.


Mistake number three - 

Not practicing after training. unbeknown to some,  Microblading artists practice on a rubber mat, where you apply a microblading stroke in the shape of the eyebrows. This is the best way to get better and gain experience before jumping onto real skin. 



Mistake number four - 

Not having a plan. Again, starting your career can be so exciting! having a clear plan will make your journey be less daunting. Some questions to ask yourself are - 

1. Where will you work from?

2. Will you work in a salon or on your own?

3. How will you get clients?

4. What requirements are needed for you to get set up (insurances etc)


Don't worry if you don't know these thing yet, our trainings help you figure all of this out, as well as he support after the training whilst you get set up. 




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