A complete guide to opening an at home brow business

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Here's a list to help you start your own business doing people's brows at home. It includes the important things you'll need. Remember, opening a salon is different and needs another list. Just so you know, there's more stuff to learn about like making your brand, telling people about your business, and how to do the brows well. But this list is just about the basic stuff you need to start your at-home brow business.

Also, this blog thinks you already know how to do brows (or you can start on some things even before you finish learning brows from Hier Arch Academy). 

P.S - our courses include a full checklist of how to get started with every checklist you need to get started without the overwhelm! 



Let's dive into the fabulous world of levelling up your brow game: investing in top-notch training! 💫 Imagine this as the golden ticket to becoming the brow artist everyone's raving about. Trust me, when you master the art of standout brows, your clients won't want to go anywhere else!

Picture this: you're not just learning the basics; you're diving deep into a comprehensive brow method. Your clients will see you as THE expert – the one who's got the theory, knowledge, and rock-solid foundations to slay those brows from the get-go.

Guess what? We've got your back on this journey. We've been nurturing brow stylists since 2009 and we've packed all the magic into our courses. Get ready to soak up the most sought-after techniques because, my friend, you're about to become the ultimate brow sensation! 🎉👑

Let's dive into the world of market research – the secret sauce to making your brow business shine! 🌟 Get ready to become a market detective and unlock the power of understanding your future clients.

  1. Uncover Your Brow Demographic 🕵️‍♀️ Take a peek at your neighbourhood and the people hanging out there. No need for super-detailed Sherlock stuff at this point – just a general sense will do. Are you all about the busy moms with adorable kiddos or are you aiming for the trendy teens? These amazing folks will become your target market, your brow buddies!

  2. Bond with Your Future Clients 🤝 Grab that notebook and jot down everything you can about these future clients. These are the wonderful people you'll be shaping brows for, so the more you know, the better. It's like preparing to meet your new besties – get to know them inside out!

  3. Research Your Fellow Brow Artists 👀 Time to do some undercover work – find out who your competition is within a 10-kilometer radius of your brow zone. Check out their prices and what they're offering. This intel helps you figure out the brow game in your area and sets the stage for your pricing and offers.

  4. Craft Your Brow Service menu 💁‍♀️ Imagine your menu of brow wonders! Will it be the classic wax and tint? Or perhaps you're stepping into the glamorous world of brow lamination and even eye-catching cosmetic tattooing? Dream big and sketch out your service empire.

  5. Gather Your Brow Arsenal 🛠️ Let's talk gear! Think about the products, stock, and equipment you'll need. This isn't just about your brow brushes – it's the whole shebang. Take note, as this plays into your business budget. We're not talking rent or utilities here – those go in the "other expenses" basket.

Get ready, Brow Boss, because you're about to become a market wizard! Your journey to brow greatness starts with understanding your audience and arming yourself with knowledge. 🌈🔍



Ready to dive into the exciting world of brow business? Buckle up, because we've got a checklist that's going to make your brow dreams come true! 🌟 Just remember, if you're thinking about future fame and glory with your very own brow empire, think twice before naming it something like "Super Brow Studio" – you're gonna want to leave room for growth!

  1. Get Your Name On! 📛 Alright, first things first – what's gonna be the name of your brow adventure? Get creative, but keep in mind your grand plans. Will you go from home to empire? Survey your potential brow buddies on social media for the inside scoop!

  2. Officially Yours! 📝 Time to go official – register that cool name with the Government. For our Aussie pals, follow this: Link to Aussie Steps. Kiwi comrades, this is for you: Kiwi Link. For the rest of the world, give your local government a shout!

  3. ABN (Awesome Brow Number) 🕶️ Get yourself an ABN (Australian Business Number) or an IRD number if you're in New Zealand. It's like your brow's passport to success!

  4. Council Chat Time! 🏛️ Ring up your local council and see what they're cookin' up in terms of legal stuff. Every council has its quirks, so get cozy with the rules and make your brow business squeaky clean.

  5. Brow Bank Central! 💰 It's time to treat your brow business like the superstar it is. Open a bank account with that awesome business name of yours. Keep business and personal stuff separate – it'll save you from a brow-raising headache later!

  6. PayPal Party! 🎉 Oh, you fancy huh? Get a PayPal account under your business name. More payment options mean more happy customers! Heard of Square? It's like your brow's little helper for taking card payments – super handy!

  7. Booking Boss Mode 🗓️ Make your booking process a breeze. Check out some online booking systems and pick one that suits your style. Here's where you start to feel like a true brow maverick!

  8. Accounting Awesomeness 🧮 Time to play accountant! You're tracking your expenses– what goes out (receipts, etc!) and what comes in. Keep things organized now, thank yourself at tax time. Spreadsheet magic, anyone?

  9. GST: Graduating to Serious Treats 🍰 In Australia, you don't have to worry about GST (Goods & Services Tax) until your biz hits $75,000 p/a – then it's party time for taxes! Kiwis, your threshold is $60,000 p/a. Pro tip: keep an eye out for local tax quirks in other countries too!

Remember, our blog's besties are Australia and New Zealand, but these steps will get you started! Keep those brows fabulous and those dreams even bigger!




Let's talk about setting up your awesome brow space! 🌟 No need to break the bank with fancy schmancy stuff at the beginning. Kmart's got your back – it's like the Brow Boss HQ. Remember, let those bucks flow in before you deck out like a superstar. A couple of cool pot plants and a snazzy blanket can work wonders!

Some great places to shop are Kmart, target, amazon - you will be in organisation heaven!


A simple list to get you started:

1. Brow bed

2. Chair

3. Wax pot

4. Trolly

5. lighting - view our recommendations here!


And hold up, we're not done yet:

  1. Ring, Ring – Your Brow Hotline! ☎️ Get yourself a phone number. It's like your direct line to brow awesomeness! typically clients like to txt and call, so you want to set up a seperate phone number so you can manage your admin without it mixing up with your personal number.

  2. Email Like a Pro! 📧 Alright, let's talk email, a great little tip is to set up an email account so you can take your admin skills one step further! Not the best choice for the brow empire you're building. Snag a pro email, just for your brow hustle. 


This list above will get you started with all of the essentials - if you have more questions, not to worry! our brow courses will walk you through a step-by-step plan to bring your brow dreams to life. 


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