4 questions to ask before taking a Microblading training

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With the flood of trainers to the industry, and the rise of incorrect techniques applied to clients' brows, it's more important now than ever to understand how to find the right training that will set you up for success.


Whilst microblading falls under the beauty category it is very much a high-risk service where a lot of care and training needs to be carried out.


Here are 4 questions to research before taking a Microblading course


1. Is this a masterclass or a training program?

A masterclass - is a look-and-learn style of training that may or may not include live models. When you leave the class, the training typically stops there.


A certification program - something that you work through step-by-step with guidance and support.

Both options have their place, however, you may be suited to a particular training style.


2. What does the support look like?

Is there a safe space for you to ask for help and navigate the challenges that will come your way after the training? 

Having a training that has support mentors in place is crucial - especially at the beginning of your journey. You will have lots of questions and thing to navigate, so having someone assist you navigating these is a great asset!


3. Have I seen the healed results of this method?

A picture immediately after a microblade session looks very different to healed results. Healed results are what will build your own clientele and are crucial for your business.

Healed results should be the number one focus when researching a training company. As this is what determines the level of quality you can achieve. Take your time and research - look at different styles and create a shortlist of what styles you want to offer. 

Microblading comes in many different shapes and forms and not all are created equal.  

 Microblading training courses


4. Am I ready to commit to a training program?

Just like if you were going to take up playing tennis, success comes down to practice and perfecting your technique. Am I ready to allocate time and commit to mastering this?

Having a great plan in place by carving out time to learn is crucial for your success. Even one hour a week will help you improve. Focus on being 1% better everyday and over time that will compound into great success!



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