Getting Started as a Microblading Artist: A Comprehensive Guide

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If you're looking to elevate your career and infuse a dash of creativity into your life, delving into the world of microblading could be the exciting endeavour you've been searching for.

What is microblading? it's a specialised form of cosmetic tattooing, skillfully emulates the appearance of naturally fuller eyebrow hairs. Bid farewell to the era of over-plucked '90s brows. Microblading offers a semi-permanent solution that rejuvenates and restores.

It's a popular treatment due to the logevity it gives clients whilst keeping the brows looking natural and full.


How long does it take to learn Microblading? Typically it takes around 6-months, depending on how much practice you put after your person course. You will begin by practicing on a latex mat resembling human skin, utilizing a specialised microblading tool. This training ground allows you to grasp the technique before venturing onto real clients. During in-person training, your instructor will guide you through the correct methods and provide invaluable feedback. While the initial steps might feel daunting, each client you work on brings you closer to mastery.


Certification Requirements: Upon completing your in-person training, the path to certification entails submitting case studies showcasing your work. This step allows your mentor to evaluate your progress and ensure you're on the right trajectory. Should you encounter obstacles, additional booster touch-up days are available to fine-tune your skills.

Exploring Different Techniques: In the realm of cosmetic tattooing, several techniques exist, each with its own unique appeal:

  1. Microblading (Hand Tool): Imprints delicate strokes manually.
  2. Micro-shading (Machine Hair Strokes): utilizes a machine for hair-like strokes.
  3. Ombre/Powder (Machine Powder Brows): Employing a machine to create a powdered effect.

Microblading training course Perth

The choice among these methods is entirely personal. However, it's common for budding artists to begin their journey with microblading or ombre techniques, given their widespread popularity and clientele appeal.


Get in touch with us today via email, and we can help get you started! Register for our upcoming microblading courses in Perth.

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