Your ultimate guide to retailing brow products in your salon

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If you've considered stocking retail in your brow salon to help your clients home care needs, we're going to share with you everything you need to make your products a success!

Retail ranges might sound like a sales pitch, but hold on, there's a whole new spin to it. Imagine giving your clients an upgraded brow experience that ensures their brows look great between appointments to?

Picture this: You splurge on a fantastic hairdo, and then bam, you leave without the right aftercare. You use all the wrong hair products, and it ruins your stylist's hard work. Frustrating, right? Now, apply that to your brow salon—that's the power of a carefully crafted retail range. It's not about being pushy; it's about treating your clients to the full-brow experience they deserve!


So how do you find the right retail ranges to stock, what to look for and how to ensure your products ranges don't sit on the shelves collecting dust.


  1. Find Your Perfect Product Match Your retail journey starts with picking products that match your vibe. Dive into some market research – see what your clients are loving and hating. Their insights are pure gold. Once you've got a grip on what's hot, what problems they have and what products can solve that problem.

  2. Quick Tips to Jumpstart Your Retail Game 🚀 We all know a brow pencil is life, so hunt down the ideal one that screams your brand's name and aesthetic. That's why we created the Hier Arch Brow Definer – the ultimate brow pencil. 


Alright, let's dive into the art of selling your brow goodies like a pro! 🛍️ Here's a golden tip that'll have your products flying off the shelves: bundle those babies with your services. Imagine this: a "New Client Brow Makeover" that comes with a product to keep those post-visit brows looking amazing.

Now, let's talk sales strategy—and no, we're not leaving those products to gather dust on your shelves! Get those brainstorming gears turning. How about weaving your products into your brow service? Here's a genius move: show your clients how to apply the products during your service. No more "I don't know what to do with this" moments; they'll be brow-savvy in no time!





Now, let's turbocharge your biz with some retail magic: a typical brow service charges around $60 - $90 add a product to the mix, and bam, your turnover just got a serious boost! More cash in your pocket and mega value for your clients. Oh, and here's a gem of wisdom: once your clients fall in love with a product, they're hooked! Repeat purchases? You got it.

$60 (Brow service) + $35 (Brow pencil) = $100

It's like a retail revolution for your brow paradise, and it's a win-win all around! 🎉🛍️


Spend the time to look for products that you know your clients will love and are quality; you will be so excited to share products with them that you truly love yourself, which means you'll never feel'salesy' because you're sharing something you love.

client love "we launched the brow pencils into our salon and clients are loving them! we've already sold out of our first order!!"

To learn about becoming a wholesaler for Hier Arch, find out more here.

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