Tips to create a sustainable salon and reduce your carbon footprint

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If you are behind on the global warming crisis then take this as your little nudge to educate yourself and make a change.

I have wrapped up some of the changes we have already made in our salon (which have been super simple to implement!) and hopefully this gives you a few ideas to implement too!

1. Reducing your paper trail

This is becoming more and more easy to do with the supermarkets stocking brands that are biodegradable. The easiest things we found were – bin bags, paper cups for clients, and choosing any brands that don’t have single use plastic.

Bamboo products have become more and more popular and a great alternative to single use plastic. You can find most replacements to your consumable items on Amazon.

2. Reducing your paper trail

This one has not only benefited the environment, but has been a GAME CHANGER in the amount of admin we do.

Our consultations are now all done on iPads, then synced to our computer software (we use Timely, who I highly recommend!).

All of the data we need syncs straight to our computer, then the cloud, instantly removing the need for paper consults.

3. Get all your business bills + invoices sent via email

I have created a folder in my emails for each tax year, and i get all my receipts there! Salon suppliers and most software companies can send you and e-invoice instead of posting it in the mail.

This will be something you build up over time. But it becomes so much easier to store invoices online than keep loose paper.

4. Using eco friendly brands

We now get all of our products as natural as possible i.e our cleaning products and washing products. The whole team got on board last year and we all started finding eco friendly switches we could make with our cleaning products and brands in the salon.

Check your local health and safety requirements from your council to see what cleaning products you need to have on hand, and what can be switched out for eco friendly.

Our favourite cleaning brands are –

Koala Eco (now stocked at farmer Jacks in Australia)

Natures organics

5. Reusable products for our lunches and drinks

Again this is a super simple switch! Make sure staff are using reusable drink bottles and lunch containers are great for the environment! When I brought this up everyone got on board. We all have our water bottles that we use and we never use single use plastic for our lunches.

Every change you make, no matter how small – makes a big difference to your carbon footprint. Keep your eyes out for eco friendly products that you can switch to, over time it becomes addictive!

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