Iphone camera settings for the best brow photos

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If you want to elevate your content game and make your images pop, there are some great adjustments you can use to your phone settings to make your images sharp and crisp.

iPhone settings for brow photos 

iPhones need some adjusting to create the before and afters.
You want to head to your camera settings in your settings app.
Settings  ➡️ Camera  ➡️ Record VideoSet to 4K at 60FPSTurn on HDR Video ( High Efficiency) this feature is only for the pro or pro max iPhone. 
Settings  ➡️Camera  ➡️ Formats Set to Most CompatibleSettings  ➡️ Camera  ➡️ Slo-moSet to 1080p at 120FPSSettings > CameraTurn the Grid option on.
(This helps to line the photos up).Turn on Lens Correction.
Turn on Smart HDR.
iphone settings for brow photos
This will avoid your brow content going blurry when you upload it into apps like Instagram and Facebook.
Zooming in too much can distort the photo and holding the camera too close to the face without the zoom-in settings can accentuate the facial features in anun flattering way.


For Samsung you want to head to your camera settings in youR settings app.Camera app ➡️ Settings icon ➡️ Rear video size  ➡️ resolution, Set to UHD 3840X2160 (4K 30FPS)Turn on HDR Video ( High Efficiency) this feature is only for the pro or pro max iPhone.
Camera app  ➡️ Settings icon ➡️ Pro video size Set to 21:9 (8K) Camera app ➡️ Settings iconTurn on Video Stabilisation, Tracking auto focus and Gridlines.Camera app ➡️ Settings icon  ➡️ Advance recording optionsTurn on High Efficiency Video.

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